Sign On You Crazy Diamond

Signing your Will correctly with the appropriate witnesses is the final step in making sure you have valid legal Will.

For the Wills to be valid in law you need to sign and date each page of your own Will where indicated at the bottom of each page.

Please note that for couples it is preferable that each Will is signed by all parties with the same black pen.

You must sign your Wills in the presence of two independent witnesses.

It is important to ensure that the witnesses are not family members as this could lead to them being excluded from inheriting under your Will.

A couple of friends or neighbours would be perfectly appropriate.

Once you have signed your own Wills in front of your two witnesses, the witnesses must also sign each page of both Wills where indicated, using the same pen each of you used.

Please ensure that the witnesses’ full names and addresses are added in the space provided at the end of each RetireLaw Will.

In summary, the steps are:

Step 1: You and your spouse or partner each sign and date every page of your own Will. You do not sign your spouse or partner’s Will.

Step 2: You each then hand your signed Will to one of your two witnesses.

Step 3: Each witness then signs each page of the Will that has been given to them, making sure to include their full names and addresses at the end of the Will.

Step 4: The witnesses then swap Wills with each other and repeat step 3 by again signing each page of the Will, making sure to include their full names and addresses at the end of the Will.

Step 5: Pop open a bottle and toast your friends for helping you protect your family long term!

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