Top Ten Reasons To Update Your Old Will

1. No asset protection i.e. from bankruptcy, creditors, addictions

2. No family law protection i.e. from divorce / relationship breakdown

3. No opportunity to manage income tax i.e. $100,000s lost

4. No opportunity to manage capital gains tax i.e. $1000s lost

5. No way to even up inequalities i.e. due to loans or super benefits

6. No quarantining of 'protected proceeds'

7. No effective control of passing of trusts, SMSFs and investments

8. No guarantee of 'keeping it in the family'

9. No way of preserving Centrelink entitlements

10. No flexibility with changing asset and personal circumstances

The Easy Way To Explain These Top Ten Reasons

Up until now, understanding modern estate planning Wills was for professionals only. This video tutorial allows any Australian to make an

informed decision.

The video tutorial is based on an effective whiteboard presentation developed by Terry Purcell of RetireLaw.

This tutorial has proved to be a valuable resource for our referring advisers, accountants, and their clients, shining a light on many major issues clients are unlikely to have even considered.

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