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Initial Consultations Are Complimentary


All initial client meetings are obligation free and usually revolve around discussing the clients’ needs based on issues highlighted in the completed estate planning questionnaire.


Clients wishing to proceed with the RetireLaw service and having agree to the nominated lump sum fee, then meet with either Terry Purcell or Dawn Wong for a further meeting to have their Wills and associated legal documents fully explained and correctly executed.


Estate planning documents are intended to meet the clients’ long term needs, however, changes in the family, ie children becoming adults, changing executors, a marriage breakdown, or significant changes in the form or value of one’s asset, are all reasons for seeking a meeting to review your documents.


Ongoing Support


However, an integral part of the RetireLaw Estate Planning Service is the provision of ongoing support to help you ensure future legal and financial decisions are estate planning ‘friendly’, and do not compromise your long term plans.


What Do Clients Receive? 


Modern Estate Planning Wills


RetireLaw’s sophisticated Wills provide a plan that executors and beneficiaries can easily follow in order to administer an estate in a cost effective and timely manner.

Beneficiaries are provided with tailored options to inherit via a testamentary trust they control in order to minimise taxes they pay, to protect their inheritance from divorce and bankruptcy, and to limit the causes of costly litigation and family disputes among other personal and financial benefits.


Enduring Powers of Attorney


This document ensures that if you are unable to make decisions for yourself due to accident or illness, the person or persons you trust make the financial decisions on your behalf. This document also includes important provisions covering superannuation, with first choice and substitute appointees.


Appointments of Enduring Guardian


This document will ensure that the person or persons you trust make the health, lifestyle and welfare decisions on your behalf should you be unable to during your lifetime due to an accident or illness. This document also includes first choice and substitute appointees.


Plain Language Explanatory Material


This tailored document ensures every client’s continuing understanding of their Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardian.


Plain language guide for executors and beneficiaries


This document makes the job of implementing the many benefits of RetireLaw’s Wills simple for executors and beneficiaries, reducing the need to rely on expensive professional help.


All clients of RetireLaw also receive:


  • Safe custody of clients’ Wills to ensure they cannot be tampered with, lost or damaged.

  • Ongoing Will and circumstance review including estate planning recommendations.

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There is no cost to finding out exactly how a tailored estate planning strategy would answer your needs in order to meet your wishes, circumstances and objectives.


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