Our mission is to do everything legally possible to help the people you love to avoid costly and damaging estate disputes, to maximise their inheritances long-term, to minimise the taxes they pay and to protect their interests when things go wrong. 


Located in the heart of North Sydney's CBD RetireLaw is one of only a handful of law firms in Australia to focus its service and expertise solely on sophisticated legal Wills and Estate Planning law.


In particular, RetireLaw provides Estate Planning Wills that provide beneficiaries with the option to receive inheritances via beneficiary controlled testamentary trusts which provide many important financial and personal protections to beneficiaries. 


Opened in 2003 by solicitors Terry Purcell and Dawn Wong, RetireLaw committed to a long term strategy complimentary initial meetings, complimentary ongoing support and up front quotes to help more Australian families take advantage of the highly valuable personal and financial benefits of tailored estate planning Wills. 

We believe that all Australians deserve better Wills.

About RetireLaw

“Dawn and I only provide clients with modern Estate Planning Wills that deliver at a minimum asset protection, tax minimisation and dispute avoidance advantages via the use of beneficiary controlled testamentary trusts and other modern risk preventative estate planning measures. 


It is crucial to remember that cheap standard Wills make things complicated and expensive for executors and beneficiaries. RetireLaw's Wills make things simple, protected and efficient. There is too much at stake."

Terry Purcell LLB TEP

Legal Practitioner Director
RetireLaw Pty Ltd


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Email: tpurcell@retirelaw.com.au

“Terry and I dedicate our working lives soley to Wills, Estate Planning and Probate services. We listen to you so that we fully understand your hopes, and your concerns for the personal and financial legacy that you wish to leave for your loved ones via your Wills.


We're more than happy to take your call and offer our advice regarding the best type of Will to suit your needs. If you are unsure if your current Will is protecting your interest we are happy to provide a complimentary review.”

Dawn Wong BA (AS) Hons LLB TEP

Legal Practitioner Director
RetireLaw Pty Ltd


P: 02 8908 9700    

Email: dwong@retirelaw.com.au

Initial Consultations Are Complimentary


All initial client meetings are obligation-free and usually revolve around discussing the clients’ needs based on issues highlighted in the completed estate planning questionnaire. Clients wishing to proceed with the RetireLaw service and having agreed to the nominated lump sum fee, then meet with either Terry Purcell or Dawn Wong for a further meeting to have their Wills and associated legal documents fully explained and correctly executed.


Estate planning documents are intended to meet the clients’ long term needs, however, changes in the family, ie children becoming adults, changing executors, a marriage breakdown, or significant changes in the form or value of one’s asset, are all reasons for seeking a meeting to review your documents.


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There is no cost to finding out exactly how a tailored estate planning strategy would answer your needs in order to meet your wishes, circumstances and objectives.


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